EPDM Rubber Seal and Gaskets

EPDM Gaskets is commonly used for seals and gaskets due to its excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV exposure, as well as its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. Here’s some information on EPDM rubber seals and gaskets:

  1. Material Properties: EPDM rubber exhibits good resistance to heat, water, steam, ozone, and sunlight, making it suitable for outdoor applications. It also has excellent electrical insulating properties.
  2. Temperature Range: EPDM rubber can typically withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F), depending on the specific formulation and application requirements.
  3. Chemical Resistance: EPDM rubber has good resistance to polar substances such as water, alcohol, and ketones, but it may not perform as well with non-polar solvents such as oils and fuels.
  4. Applications: EPDM rubber seals and gaskets are commonly used in various industries including automotive, construction, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and appliances. They are used to create watertight and airtight seals in doors, windows, pipes, and other applications where weather or environmental sealing is required.
  5. Manufacturing Process: EPDM seals and gaskets can be manufactured using various methods including extrusion, molding, and die-cutting. Extrusion is commonly used for producing seals with a consistent cross-section, while molding is used for more complex shapes.
  6. Customization: EPDM seals and gaskets can be customized to meet specific application requirements, including size, shape, hardness (durometer), and color.
  7. Longevity: EPDM rubber is known for its durability and longevity, with a lifespan of several years under normal operating conditions. However, exposure to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, or prolonged UV radiation can degrade its performance over time.
  8. Installation: Proper installation is important to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of EPDM seals and gaskets. Surfaces should be clean, dry, and free from contaminants to achieve a secure and lasting seal.

EPDM rubber seals and gaskets offer reliable performance in a wide range of applications, providing excellent sealing properties and resistance to environmental factors.

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